"Fruits'n colours"
I'm here to introduce my new glamour calendar 2013.

The theme this year, unlike the past year, it is too easy, and is "the fruit", which I wanted to give my own interpretation in collaboration with my sister who was responsible for the make-up. I said fruit because, it is not only the "fruit" as we understand it commonly, but in the calendar are also olive, tomato and ...... strawberry, someone is wondering "strawberry?", yes, for those who do not know the strawberry is not a fruit but a rhizome and fruits are the seeds that are on the strawberry, but ignoring these small details I will tell you the realization of the calendar.

The project began in May when I had already sketched on paper everything that would serve its realization: my ideas for the shoot, accessories, makeup, and crucially, the fruit, which I chose according to the availability and combined with the months following their vesting period. It was all written, but there was still much to do.
In the period previous to the shots, my sister and I, we started looking for some particular products that would serve for the make up and considering my views and ideas, we had to buy the products for special effects in movies and .... I did not think there were so many, I was fascinated!
That we took the glue for the skin to hold the fruit on the body of the models and if you were thinking that it was the work of photoshop, it isn't, but there was a lot of work that I will explain, I bought the fake blood , which can be chosen in versions arterial, venous, and coagulated, the foundations, false eyelashes and various pigments for color.

Purchased and supplied all the materials, in early August, I started to shoot and it took a long time, not so much for the shoot as well as for all the preparation that it took before, the models were subjected to makeup for more than a hour, because it's very difficult to lay the white foundation and it took all the patience of my sister, armed with big brush to evenly apply the cream on the face and body of the models, not to mention then the application of the fruit with the sealant, it was a job long, but while my sister took care of the make-up I had plenty of time to set the flashes and arrange bank, panels, and the whole set in the studio or outdoors.

But the shots needed the fruit, and I could not buy it months before, so I was helped by my cousin, to find and choose carefully the fruits that would serve for certain shots, and even there we used the time, because it is clear that I find the most beautiful fruits, so we found ourselves gazing at and select the most beautiful orange in the basket of oranges, the grape's cluster with the best form in the basket of grapes and so on .... in the eyes of passers we seemed schizophrenics taken from a manic attack of the fruit!
For some sets, though simple and minimalist, it took a bit of time, to cut and arrange all the slices of kiwi, or to realize the necklace of tomato :)

In spite of all we enjoyed a lot, especially when we poured the oil, with the great joy of my cousin Nicholas who was the executor, on the model in the photo of the olive, which just finished the photo is due to run in the shower because for the smell she seemed as out of the fryer at McDonald's!

Commitment and passion were there, the calendar is printing and now ..... I hope you like it!

We list below the fruits assigned to each month:

January: Berries
February: Kiwi
March: Apple
April: Strawberry
May: Tomato
June: Cherry
July: Melon
August: Watermelon
September: Fico
October: Grapes
November: Olive
December: Orange

A big thanks goes to my three models: Catherine, Joy and Georgia that have been extremely available in the summer months and enthusiastically accepted my request for each calendar shots, my cousin Gregory who accompanied me to take the whole fruit, my cousin Nicholas who has served as a model for the set of lights while the girls were at the makeup and then my sister Giorgia was very good in make up and above all very patient.

The calendar can be purchased on Deviantart in the commercial version http://www.ideareattiva.deviantart.com/prints/
For those interested, the version "deluxe" printed in A3 size printing, contact me.
The individual photos can be purchased here: http://it.fotolia.com/p/200545108



Camera: Nikon D800
Lenses: Nikon 85mm. f/1.4 G - Nikon 60mm. micro f/2.8 G
Concept, photo, editing and scenograph: Ideareattiva
Graphic (cover and calendar): Ideareattiva
MUA: Giorgia
Model: Caterina, Gioia e Giorgia

Cover Calendar
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