Digital tools in glamour photography
The theme of this calendar is very conceptual and a bit cryptic, especially for " Non-experts ".
The pictures on the calendar, considering my love for computer graphics, consists with the Photoshop tools and more precisely is a conceptual transposition of the tools you can find in the left bar of the program, that are most widely used in any photoediting software.
In some photos, I wanted to use a retro tone of the instrument to resume the tool that would be used before the advent of computers, and in others I wanted to "exaggerate" the issue, while others are purely conceptual.
I'll explain below briefly each instrument used, especially for those who have no knowledge of the program:

January: The paint bucket
The instrument that is used to fill with color adjacent pixels whose color value is similar to that of
pixel you click. Its icon is a bucket with the paint dripping.
February: The Magic Wand
The instrument used to make a quick selection of an area of ​​uniform color.
March: The Zoom
This tool can be found in all programs, and serves on the screen to zoom in and out of what you are working.
April: The Clone Stamp
The instrument used to paint an element cloned from an image area.
May: The text
The best known and is simply the tool used to write the text, its icon is a T in Times New Roman
June: The crop tool
The instrument that is used to crop an image
July: The eyedropper
The instrument that is used to select a color from an image
August: The Lasso
The tool to make selections on an image by hand, can be free, polygonal or magnetic.
September: The brush
The tool to paint color. You can change the shape, size and opacity, and is the most widely used in digital painting.
October: The Healing Brush
The brush to correct and eliminate image imperfections, it is very good for the skin, remove pimples and black spots, we say it is a "digital aesthetics" and its icon is a patch.
November: The path
The icon of the tool has a fountain pen and is widely used especially in Illustrator, you need to make paths through the Bezier curves, used mainly for vector drawing. In Photoshop, you can store the selections to be used routinely.
December: The Sponge tool
It is the instrument used to saturate or increase the amount of dye in the color and desaturate, "wash away the colors," decrease the amount of tint.

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Calendar Cover

January - The paint bucket

February - The magic wand
March - The zoom
April - The clone stamp
May - The text
June - The crop tool
July - The eyedropper
August - The lasso
September - The brush
October - The healing brush
November - The path tool
December - The sponge tool
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